We have been in the fashion business in Russia since 1992.


We specialize in sexy and comfortable pantyhose, stockings, lingerie, sleepwear, and underwear for women. We also carry a wide assortment of underwear for children and men


      Warehouse, where you can buy pantyhose

Since its inception, our company has been a supplier to more than 700 wholesale and retail customers countrywide. All of our products are genuine and their quality is certified by the manufacture.

We are:

  • an exclusive distributor of the Italian pantyhose and underwear brand «Dance Club»,
  • a distributor of the pantyhose and underwear brands «Omsa», «SiSi», «Golden Lady», «Levante», «Glamour»,«Incanto», «Innamore», «Sanpellegrino», «Filodoro Classic», «Philippe Matignon» ,  «Franzoni»,   «Lama»,«Cornette», «Intri»,«Mona», «Belweiss», «Gabriella», «Gatta»,   «Conte», «Jasst», «Yax», «Malemi», «Don Jose», «Lowry», «Trasparenze», «Allure», «Arktur»,   «», «», «Marilyn», «MIA MIA», «», «Fiore», «Giulia»,   clothing brand «FRM» and others,
  • a distributor of the Polish brand of cotton underwear «Lama», «Cornette».

The keys to our success are:

  • professionalism of our employees
  • transparency and effectiveness of our operations
  • concern for our customers

arehouse, where you can buy  underwear

Our advantages are:

  • individual customer-tailored approach
  • self-service outlet
  • a flexible system of discounts
  • a large selection of various underwear and pantyhose brands available in an over 1000 square meter space.
  • a large warehouse in Moscow, with the same or next day delivery.   
  • free advertisement material including catalogs, booklets, posters, calendars, and magazines.
  • free delivery within Moscow beltway for orders above 20 000 rubles.
  • local and countrywide delivery
  • flexible payment plans

Wholesale warehouse for our business customers

Our company operates a wholesale and retail outlet with over 1000 square meter of floor space and has a large warehouse in Moscow.

Our customer base includes more than 700 customers countrywide.

Warehouse,  where you can buy underwear and clothing


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